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Grey Wolf Ranch is a member of the Certified Horsemanship Association

Rancho Lobo Gris is a member of the Certified Horsemanship Association

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"Courage And Wisdom Born Of Insight And Humility, Empathy Born Of Compassion And Love, All Can Be Bequeathed By A Horse To His Rider" -- Charles de Kunffy


Rancho Lobo Gris invites you to taste, touch and feel our unique ranch experience in the beautiful country of Dominican Republic. Enter the gates at Rancho Lobo Gris and begin an outdoor journey that will surely be remembered for a lifetime. Located in the Caribbean, Rancho Lobo Gris’ scenery is nothing short of breath-taking. Experience stunning views of tropical paradise, natural waterfalls and rivers, and it's all just a short trip from the Dominican Republic's famous beaches and ocean. If fortunate enough, upon entrance, you may be greeted by our horses roaming freely in their natural environment. Whether you prefer a quiet nap amongst the palms, a campfire sing-along on our lush property, a customized equine workshop or a rugged half- or full-day horseback trail ride, Rancho Lobo Gris offers activities for everyone.

At Rancho Lobo Gris, horses are our passion. Our equine programs deliver a totally unique horse experience, unlike any other. 

A Caribbean ranch dedicated to horseback riding, trail rides and lessons in a ranch setting
Perfect for your next romantic getaway, corporate retreat or family reunion
Rancho Lobo Gris • Dominican Republic